Sports Day Part 2

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The boys keep coming, and our lenses are never far away – these lads are instant crush material. Rudy is a sexy, strapping brunette, obviously turning heads in college and Alan is a sun kissed, floppy haired blonde with a taste for stiff, uncut dick. The boys finish the tennis game and head for the changing room, but having built up a sweat and spent the last hour watching those balls bounce, they’re not ready to shower and get clean,  these boys get DIRTY. Alan dives onto stunning Rudy’s dick, devouring it, as Rudy face fucks him (and what a beautiful face to fuck, he’s so smooth and cute he’s almost pretty, just Rudy’s type) But Alan wants more than to taste that over-sized, uncut dick he wants it in him. Rudy is as horny as hell and can’t wait to feel the hot walls of Alan’s insides, Alan offers up his rump and when its been good and spit lubed from Rudy’s drooling tongue the handsome boys get down to fucking, moaning with passion as their climaxes build to a gushing, splatter crescendo !EB_Sports_Day_Fuck-A-Thon_Sc2_Rudy-Alan_042

Al Fresco Chicken

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OH these boys are blatant. The temperatures rising and so are the uncut, teen-cocks. We took Jessie and Andy from ”sports day fuck-a-thon’‘ , out for a jog in the woods, but these oversexed lads can’t help glancing at each others bulging crotches, bouncing packets and firm buns stretching and flexing beneath their shorts. The boys stop for a breather and quickly realise what the other is thinking. A cheeky glimpse of uncut cock through the net of the straining shorts, the foreskin already being pushed back by the stiffening dick, then the boys strip off naked but for their trainers. Andy sucks Jessie’s cock, licking up the pre-cum and living the warmth of it in his mouth, as it prods the back of his throat. The boys 69 and rim, on the sun dappled hillside, nervous of being caught, but somehow that adds even more excitement to their passionate kisses and rock hard dicks. Jessie lies back allowing Andy to worship his dick, before he rubbers up and the slender, youngster straddles that aching, throbbing dick and slides down onto the pulsating member. The lads fuck, and moan, quickly forgetting their outdoor vulnerability, Jessie mounts Andy pushing up his legs and pounds that smooth, hairless teen hole for all he’s worth he’s dripping with sweat, and ready to blow. Our top boy pulls out twangs off the rubber and shoots streams of gooey pleasure over his battered bottom boys smooth, taut abs. EB_Sports_Day_Fuck-A-Thon_Sc1_Jessie-Andy_042

Staxus – Sex in the Showers

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It's hardly novel it's been the very stuff of gay porn since the invention of the camera but who can ever tire of watching young men in a hot and sweaty shower-room? Especially when they have the kind of bubble butts that Timmy Taylor and Kevin Luong seem to boast here. Not that it's their backsides that take centre-stage in the opening moments of this scene.Instead, it's hard cocks all the way as both lads take the opportunity to savour all that unrivalled hardness that they've each got stocked in their crotches, with Taylor displaying his usual heady energy for the occasion and Luong clearly enjoying all the attention! Never more so, in fact, than when Taylor pins his pal up against the shower room wall and forces his thick, raw cock deep into his tight, hungry ass-hole an act that signals the start of a truly wild, unrestrained coupling, during which Luong gets fucked in pretty much every imaginable position.Little wonder that the sweet fellow ends up spewing a fabulous wad of jizz all over his belly whilst Taylor pounds against that delicious butt of his; before Taylor himself delivers a killer shot all over Luong's face, leaving the lad dripping with cream!

Passion Plunge – Bryce Evans -amp; Marcus Isaacs

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Handsome muscle-stud Bryce’s long day at the office has come to an end, and he wants nothing more than to slip into something more comfortable than his stuffy suit. Fortunately for him, his husband Marcus has already stripped down to his speedo poolside and is waiting in the water for his hunky hubby to dive in with him. The two lovers get frisky and even treat each other to a pair of underwater blowjobs before surfacing for some more serious play inside the house. Bryce plunges his hard cock deep into Marcus’ still-wet hole, and bangs his hairy husband’s ass until they both blow their loads onto Marcus’ furry chest. If they need to clean off, the pool is still outside waiting for them!

Muscular Latino Randy Dixon dumps bareback load in Brendan Phillips

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Brendan Phillips has a hot perfectly chiseled muscular body. Randy Dixon has a beautifully proportioned gym body as well. These two looked adorable together, and the passion that exuded between them could felt from a mile away. They loved to kiss and worship their pecs and biceps. Then the hard cocks came out. Brendan swallowed the hard dick down to the base. And Randy got face fucked full force by Brendan. Then the bareback fucking began. Randy shoved his raw dick inside Brendan doggie style and then had Brendan ride him. Brendan sat on that hard cock until he came, and then let Randy cum inside of him, giving him a hot cream pie. Be sure to check out the hard core free gay porn pics of the best bareback action in full HD right here at Randy Blue.
Brendan Philiips

Randy Dixon

Jessy Karson and Jon Shield

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Jessy’s big bull nuts are full and this time he’s got Jon’s deep ass and eager mouth to drain them dry…Jon’s on his hands and knees worshipping Jessy’s huge uncut cock…He works his tongue under Jessy’s foreskin savoring every drop of precum that oozes out…Jessy buries his face into Jon’s furry ass and eats him like a maniac. Rock hard and ready to fuck, Jessy slides his raw cock into his furry man cunt. He pounds hard and fucks deep leaving Jon begging for more…Jessy rides him every which way…never holding back an inch…this hot fuck session ends with Jessy breeding Jon’s hole deep just as Jon squirts his load all over himself…

Jarod Gives Jake The Spear

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After Jake Davis begged for a massage from Jarod Spear, he later begged for a new asshole. Watch Jake Davis get plowed by Jarod Spear’s golden rod.

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Black Dick Terror 3

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Only the phattest, juiciest bubble-butts were served to a hungry bunch of 7 Machofuckers to bring Part 3 of our infamous Black Dick Terror series to life. It is a release full of highlights. Awesome muscle-bum model Lucas is back on track in a nasty double breeding scene, as well as our studio`s most gorgeous-looking black hunk ever, Troy, who just started his notorious Troy-Mission. Newcomer Colossus is the angry young stallion, equipped with the fattest dick we have ever seen. And, and, and

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