Raw Raw Rectums by San Diego Boy

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Tommy makes a visit to the Doctor for an exam. As the Doc is examining Tommy, he notices a bulge in the Doc’s pants, so he helps himself to some cock. After Tommy gives his urine sample, he’s strapped into the stirrups of the exam table, spreading his ass wide open for his rectal exam. Soon the Doc probes Tommy’s ass hole with his mega cock. I only wish my Doctor would probe my ass like this. Tommy takes the Doc’s cock hard and deep! Misha is kicking back on the bed when horny Oliver comes in and wants to fool around. Misha is more than happy to show off his sucking skills on Oliver’s cock. As Misha sucks, Oliver is using his fingers to loosen up Misha’s hole, soon his raw cock is sliding in Misha’s rectum as he moans with pleasure! Misha’s cum facial ends the scene as he licks his face dry! Nicolas is working out when his trainer, Thomas comes into shower off. Nicolas feels the need to help his trainer in the showers where they begin to make out, kiss, suck and play. Soon the action moves to the weight bench where Nicolas bends over and gladly accepts Thomas’s raw cock. Nicolas loves the workout that his ass is getting by his trainer. See the cum fly after this intense workout session! Mike goes in for a quick physical check-up and the doctors give his rectum a workout. David is the first to probe Mike’s hole, as Mike sucks on Karl’s thick cock. Karl and David take turns with the rectal exam, using their rock hard cocks as a probing device. Mike first gets cream-pied, then a full on cum facial to follow.

Next in Line

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Junior Fernandez Jerks Off

Junior Fernandez Jerks Off

Junior is new to BSB but not new to showing off in front of the camera. Men have had the pleasure of viewing him and that delicious body of his via his cam shows. Let’s see how he performs for us.

He takes off his clothes and puts that beautiful toned body, complete with muscles and abs, on display. That cock of his looks equally yummy. He wraps his hand around it and begins to jerk off, getting is nice and hard. He lies back on the bed and continues to slowly stroke his dick as he runs his free hand across his chest. I love the way he manhandles his prick as if he wants to force every bit of semen out of his body. He get on all fours and spreads his checks before fingering his tight hole. When he’s ready to bust he gets on his back and fires off a nice load for our eyes. Let’s keep him around!

Junior Fernandez Jerks Off

Forgive Me Father 4 – Ty Roderick -amp; Tony Salerno

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Tony Salerno enters the confessional and admits his deceitfulness to Father, Ty Roderick. He has been impersonating a priest to seduce young boys after obtaining their trust. Tony has completely hit bottom, and is now asking Father for help.<br><br>Back home, Father Ty is asleep, dreaming about the confession he had heard earlier. Tony enters the room and asks Father for help one last time, before leaning down to kiss him on his lips.<br><br>Ty rouses from his slumber and wraps his arms around Tony, kissing him deeply. Tony’s hand moves down towards Father’s crotch. He unbuttons his pants and pulls out his big dick, before lowering his mouth onto his stiff cock and begins to stroke it. They suck each other, and Ty gets to work on Tony’s asshole, fingering it to loosen it up. When ready, Father Ty gets on his knees behind Tony, and slowly slides his tool up his parishioner’s ass. Tony moans, feeling Father’s hot rod hit his prostate. Ty doesn’t hold back, pounding this sweet sinner’s ass, face down on the bed. Switching it up, Tony takes it face up and can’t help himself but jerk his rod. Tony comes to climax, blowing his load on his stomach. Ty continues to hump Tony when he feels the urge as well. He pulls his cock out of Tony and drenches him with cum.

Hangin’ Hardcore – Alexander Gustavo -amp; Jaxton Wheeler

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With a slender cane in his grip, Jaxton Wheeler menaces his sub, Alexander Gustavo. Pulling back the thin rod, Jaxton lets it slap across Alexander’s bare, unprotected ass and legs. Jaxton penetrates Alexander’s tight hole using a cane with a sphere on the end, and then uses a massager to make the cane vibrate inside Alexander’s ass. Grabbing two more canes, Jaxton works Alexander over with both hands. When Alexander reaches his limit with the canes, Jaxton rewards him with cock. Jaxton is as relentless with his cock as he was with the canes. Doggy style allows Jaxton full access to Alexander’s hole. When Alexander’s ass needs a break, he uses his mouth instead, giving Jaxton a messy, spit fueled blowjob. When saliva drips onto Jaxton’s boots, Alexander must clean them by holding a brush in his mouth. Alexander worships Jaxton’s boots dutifully, and starts jerking himself off with one of Jaxton’s socks. With the boot blacking, Jaxton marks his sub with the words SLOBBER SLUT and PIG ASS. Jaxton gets his ass rimmed before returning his cock to Alexander’s hole. The handle of Alexander’s leather leash serves as a handy whip. Alexander cums on the leather chair, and Jaxton pushes his face into it for him to lap it up.

My Son’s Childhood Friend – Mark Winters -amp; Rodney Steele

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Mark is hanging out with his best friends Dad Rodney. They are catching up with some small talk. After some awkward silence Rodney moves in for the kill and starts kissing him. Mark not sure if this is cool but he goes with the flow and starts to undress Rodney to reveal his big thick dick. Mark grabs Rodney’s hard cock and begins to suck on it the best he can. Rodney loves the young college student all over his dick and now he is ready to fuck him on his kitchen counter. He bends him over and pushes deep inside; slow at first but then starts to pound that young tight ass. Rodney is all over him and he picks him up as Mark wraps his legs around Rodney’s back. Rodney fucks up into him as he holds him. The sexy little moans coming from Mark almost make Rodney bust his nut so they go to the floor and while Rodney is still on top of him he fucks him fast and hard until Mark can’t hold is cum no more. Mark cums all over himself with such excitement that Rodney pulls his dick out and strokes all the juice right out of himself onto Marks smooth young chest.<br></br> Enjoy!

Doc’s Orders – Jacob Peterson -amp; Jacob Taylor

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Scruffy nurse Jacob Peterson is giving new hire Jacob Taylor an orientation, but Taylor is more interested in getting off with Peterson. Peterson slides down Taylor’s scrubs and goes down on his fat dick. Taylor pulls up his shirt, revealing defined abs and a beefy physique. Peterson uncovers his smooth ass, and Taylor uses his tongue to explore Peterson’s tight hole. As Taylor uses his spit to lube Peterson’s hole, Peterson jerks his huge, uncut cock. With Peterson in the doggy style position, Taylor slides in his giant, throbbing cock and fucks Peterson with powerful, dynamic thrusts. For another angle, Peterson lays back on the examination table with his leg in the air as Taylor gives him a deep dicking in missionary. Peterson’s hairy pecs bulge as he jerks his cock, spewing a huge load onto his furry abs. Taylor strokes himself until his cum erupts, arcing across the room and landing on Peterson’s throbbing cock and balls.

Bareback Bottoms 6 by Breed Me Media

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There are more and more bareback bottoms around that any top can have his pick. Aarin Asker puts his a-game on and tops Sage Daniels like a dog in heat then Sage gets all alpha on Beau Reed’s jock ass. Alessio Romero joins Breed Me Media studios and has an explosive fuck session with his fuck buddy Aarin Asker. Damien Brooks gives up his huge phat ass to Tyler Reed to power fuck and dump his hot daddy load into!

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